The AL01315 is a double acting hydraulic jack with block valve and is suitable for a wide range of agricultural and industrial applications.

Other features include;

: Rubber cushion foot plate

: Mounting plate, supplied loose for optimal positioning.

Part Number  AL01315
Model  H1140PF1
Static load rating @ 100 bar / 150 bar
 3800Kg / 5700 Kg
Static load rating @ 150 bar 5700 Kg
Static load rating @ 200 bar 7600 Kg
Max working pressure 250 bar
Oil capacity 1.55 lt
Stroke. +_ 10mm
 Tube size diameter x shape
 110mm square
 Unit weight
 39 Kg
Finish  prime paint
Mount  loose plate 10 hole
 B  650mm
 D = o/a closed height
E = base plate
 250mm SQ

Mounting plate