Arnco ReSeal

A Technologically Advanced, Environmentally

Safe Tyre Sealant and Conditioner.

Prevent Punctures - Repair Leaks – Condition Rims.

When next ordering you’re off - road tyre and wheel assemblies from Aline Trading P/L please enquire about having “ReSeal” added to your tyres.

Reseal uses a technologically advanced proprietary blend of polymers and Kevlar fibres, to instantly and permanently seal punctures up to ¼” (6.3mm) in diameter.

In addition to sealing punctures ReSeal:

-        Maintains constant air pressure.

-       Greatly improves fuel economy.

-       Extends tyre life.

-       Reduces costly down-time due to tyre repairs.

-       Prevents corrosion of rims, valve stems and steel belts.

ReSeal can be used in many off-road tyre applications where tyre performance, efficiency and reduction of downtime are required.

Common uses include:

-       Agricultural vehicles.

-       All-terrain vehicles.

-       Golf carts.

-       Mowing equipment.

-       Material handling equipment.

ReSeal is superior to other products because:

-       ReSeal has a Kevlar * and fibre blend with no moisture absorbing cloth.  (* Kevlar is a durable high-tenacity fibre that is 5 times stronger than steel.)

-       ReSeal’s special viscosity-enhanced formula has minimal separation. Other products can become solid in the tyre or separate in the container prior to use.

-       Reseal remains liquid at -32 deg C.

-       ReSeal has been extensively tested in-house and by independent sources for effectiveness, corrosion inhibitors and quality control.

-       ReSeal's formula is not flammable and is environmentally safer than ethylene glycol based products. Ethylene glycol can be fatal if swallowed.

-       ReSeal contains corrosion inhibitors to protect rims, valve stems and steel belts and allows easy cleaning of tyre with soap and water.


Reseal can be used in tube and tubeless tyres. ReSeal is pumped into the tyre through the valve stem and remains liquid for the life of the mounted tyre. The volume of Reseal required is determined depending on the size of the tyre. As the tyre rotates centrifugal force spreads reseal evenly over the interior tyre tread area.

When the tyre is punctured thousands of strong interlocking ReSeal fibres clot in and around the puncture to prevent any loss of air.

Reseal does not affect tyre balance when installed at the recommended volume. However if the tyre needs to be balanced it should be done before installing ReSeal.