Flanged slewing bearings.

La Leonessa announced the launch in Jan 2014 of its new born product range, the flanged slewing bearing series.

Manufactured according to the highest industrial standards, the new flanged series represent a natural extension of the classical product range, the distinguishing factor over nearly fifty years of La Leonessa history, built on high quality product designing and manufacturing.

Manufactured from forged or rolled rings, the flanged slewing bearings have no joints, thus optimizing the use of material and maximizing the characteristics of lightness and compactness of the product and of your application.

Please find below a summary of the features, advantages and technical characterizing La Leonessa flanged slewing bearing series:

Features Advantages
Weight reduction Higher admitted payload
Compactness Minimal space required, easy to assemble
Reliability Long life, smooth rotation, low force to run

Suits harsh working conditions.

dust, humidity, harsh environments

Technical Characteristics
Profile "U' & "Z" shape
Outer Diameter From 498mm to 1198mm
Gear External, internal and without
Bolting Pattern Standard and customized
Raceway finishing Induction hardened


  1. Tables & charts shown are indicative and subject to change without notice.
  2. Deviation from the characteristics of the reported items might be considered together with our technical department.
  3. If not specifically stated, gears are manufactured according to DIN 868/DIN 3972 II considering a pressure angle of 20 degrees.
  4. Versions featuring special characteristics might be studied in order to suit the application particular request.
  5. COa and Moa are related to the load carrying capabilities of the concerned slewing bearing: such values do not take into account the limiting effect of the bolting.
  6. If not specifically indicated flanged slewing bearings are supplied with standard adjustment (play or preload)
  7. Slewing bearing interchangeability must be validated after a thorough evaluation of load carrying capability, dimensional & shape parameters.
  8. The reported values of F norm & F max are related to the tooth shape, modulus, material and thermal treatment. Although not mentioned in any existing norm, such values are generally used to provide a first estimation of the characteristics of the tooth strength.
  9. La Leonessa flanged slewing bearings are manufactured from material supplied by selected and credited suppliers.
  10. With reference to EN10204 norm, La Leonessa designs and manufactures flanged slewing bearings for industrial and marine applications and are supported by the most well-known and credited certification bodies (DNV, TUV, GL, BV, ABS, RMRS, etc.)
  11. Slewing bearing specific approval must be provided through our technical department, which carries out the selection based on the operating conditions provided by the customer.