P/No AL03084
Size 170mm x 40mm

Before registering a trailer, the manufacturer must affix a vehicle plate to the trailer. The vehicle plate provides clear information to the registering authority, owner and general public that the trailer is ready for road use. The trailer plate also provides useful information about the specifications of the trailer. The vehicle plate must be affixed to the trailer in a position where it may be readily examined. The vehicle plate must be permanently affixed by pop rivets, hammer drive rivets or screws. Fixing plates with adhesives is not acceptable.

Requirements may vary slightly between the states. Please check with your local authority.


Vehicle Plates

MANUFACTURER – Enter your name. The name of your business or “Home Made”

VIN – This is the Vehicle Identification Number that is issued by the registering authority. This VIN may also have to be welded or stamped to a substantial part of the trailer chassis. Ref your local authority.

DATE OF MANUFACTURE – Completion date of trailer build.

TARE (kg) – Total mass of trailer without any load, including “ball or drawbar weight”.

ATM – Aggregate Trailer Mass (kg). Total mass of trailer including maximum load.

MODEL No – Model of trailer.

TYRE SIZE – The tyre size as noted on the side walls of the trailer tyres. Ensure that the combined tyre load rating is above the ATM of the trailer.

RIM SIZE – As noted on the rim. Usually stamped on the inside of the rim.

COLD INFLATION PRESSURE (kpa) – This information is shown on the side wall of the tyre. If in doubt contact the tyre supplier.

AXLE GROUP LOAD CAPACITY (kg) - The capacity of the trailer suspension.