Aline Trading P/L presents a range of tarp winding universal joints for use on truck and agricultural trailers.

The universal joint connects the winding handle to the roll tarp shaft mounted on the side of the trailer body allowing the tarp to be wound over the load.

There are 6 standard versions offered by Aline Trading. Others sizes and end combinations assembled to order.

We also supply 13/8" Z21 splined shaft in 200mm lengths. Part Number AL01897. These can be used to connect the universal joint to the handle or roll shaft. Details below.

Part No Bearing size Yoke 1 Yoke 2
AL00938 T1 22 x 54 13/8" Z21 non int
13/8" Z21 non int
AL00939 T1 22 x 54 1" plain 1 3/8" Z21
AL01940 T1 22 x 54 1" plain 25mm plain
AL00941 T1 22 x 54 1" plain 1" plain
AL01942 T1 22 x 54 13/8" Z21 int 13/8" Z21int
AL02756 T1 22 x 54 13/8" Z21QR 13/8" Z21QR

AL00939 pictured below.

AL01897 13/8" splined shaft x 200mm.



The AL01338 is a small universal joint with shafts and is suitable for use on roll tarps and other applications. The shafts are connected to the yokes using a fine spline that allows for adjustment and clamp bolt.

Part Number AL01338
Shaft diameter 21mm
Overall length 357mm
Bearing diameter 16mm
Width across yokes 43mm
Spare cross bearing P/No  AL01339