The RHW900 is a very compact yet strong general purpose hand winch and is ideal for use on small boat trailers, jet ski trailers and many other applications.


-          Compact design.

-          Formed reinforcements in frame for added frame strength

-          Very low torque required for ease of operation

-          One way ratchet. Free spool in off direction.

-          High quality one piece hardened steel gears.

-          Superior finish quality for appearance and corrosion resistance.

-          Extensively tested and QA inspected.


The RHW900 is presented in 3 standard models.


Part No Description
AL01640 Winch only. No cable or strap
AL01646 With cable and safety hook.
AL01648 With strap and "S" hook.
Capacity 900lb (409Kg)
Gear ratio 3:1
Hub diameter 15mm
Spool Diameter 95mm
cable  4mm diameter x 6m long
Strap  50mm wide x 4m long - 1.5t rated.

AL01648 Shown.