Aline Trading's range of 12V electric ROCK winches are among the best quality and value available on the market. They are made using proven innovative designs and high quality materials.

Features include:

-          Planetary gear system for fast line speed.

-           Automatic load holding brake.

-          Free spooling

-          Power in and power out.

-          IP67 Ratings

-          Low electric current draw.

-          Hardened gears.

-          Heavy duty permanent magnetic & series wound12V DC Motors.

-          Quality aircraft grade cabling.

-          Individual load testing. Each winch is bench tested prior to packing.

Typical uses include Trailers, Automotive, Recreational equipment, Farm equipment, Industrial equipment & any other winching application where safety and control is required.

 Note:  A suitable supply of 12V DC power is required to ensure proper operation and service life for these winches.