Flexible couplings are fixed joints that are used to connect two normally aligned shafts without any angle or distance variation.

According to the application there are models with either single or double specially designed rubber discs which help the couplings to be used either as dampers in vibration shocks, knocks or short torque increases or to compensate for slight misalignments of the shafts being connected.

 Part No
 End 1
 End 2
 O/A Length Inserts
 AL01251  13/8Z6 CB
 13/8Z6 CB
 322 mm
 AL01252  13/8Z6 CB
 13/8Z6 CB

 180 mm

 AL02823  13/8Z6 CB
 13/8Z6 CB

 202 mm




AL01252. Shown below.

Pin Centres = 128mm



AL02823 Shown Below.

Pin Centres = 150mm



AL01251 Shown below.

Replacement Inserts
Part No Description

160mm Diam x 18mm thick.

  6 Hole with steel inserts.