Aline Trading P/L present a range of quality made  Male / Female spline adaptors suitable for many applications.

AL00303 13/8Z6 13/8 Z6 168 Clamp bolt
AL00304 13/8Z6 13/8 Z21 168 Clamp bolt
AL00305 13/4Z20 13/8Z21 168 Clamp bolt
AL00296 13/4Z20 13/8Z21 188 Clamp Bolt
AL00306 13/8Z6 13/4 Z20 168 Clamp bolt
AL00294 13/8Z6 25mm 120 Plain
AL00295 13/8Z6 30mm 120 Plain
AL00300 13/8Z6 25mm
149 Keyway
AL00301 13/8Z6 30 mm
149 Keyway
AL00302 13/8Z6 25mm
168 Plain Tapped.

NOTES: AL00300 & AL00301 have a plain bore female end with keyway and are suitable for use with our A10 & A8 gearboxes.

AL00294 & AL00295 are plain bore only no keyway. Also suited to welding.

AL00296 is specially designed to work with our AL00630 gearbox. 20mm longer spline.

AL00302 is supplied as a 25mm plain bore with 2x M8 tapped holes for grub screws. The 65mm diameter body is heavy enought to allow for further machining to suit your specialty needs.

AL00302 - 13/8Z6 male - 25 mm Plain bore. Suitable for machining out to larger diameter diameters.

Body diameter = 65mm

AL00305 - 13/4Z20 male - 13/8Z21 female.

AL00306 - 13/8Z6 male - 13/4Z20 female

AL00300 - 13/8Z6 male - 25mm plain bore female with 8mm keyway.