AM10 Speed Multiplier Gearboxes.

The primary purpose of these gearboxes is to increase the output speed of your tractors 540 r.p.m P.T.O  to enable you to drive equipment like pumps, sprays, generators etc.,  that need to be run at higher speeds than the standard  540 rpm produced by the tractor.

Input shafts = 1 3/8 6 Spline.

Output shafts = 35mm with 10mm keyway.

Oil = SAE90  Aprox 3.4 lt (Shipped without oil)

Unit weight = Aprox 41Kg


1. Direction of rotation is reversed.

2. Oil sight glass may need to be relocated (swapped with blanking plug) to the upper position if mounting on end or side of housing.

3. These boxes can be run in reverse to reduce speeds however the H.P rating of the boxes will be greatly reduced. Please see table below for details.