The gearbox is an important component in the drive line of many agricultural and industrial machines.

The most common use is to take rotary motion from a drive source such as a tractor PTO shaft or electric motor and apply this rotary motion to assist with the function of the machine.

Methods of application may include:

-       Reverse direction of rotation

-       Transmission of drive rotation at an angle.

-       Changing speed or torque properties of the input drive.




When designing, modifying or repairing any machine SAFETY must be taken into account. Rotating shafts and driveline components can be hazardous. Appropriate guarding must be fitted and maintained at all times. Appropriate safety warning signs and instructions should also be supplied with the machine.

To assist the with the attachment of  guarding the general range of Aline Trading P/L gearboxes are supplied with threaded holes suitable for mounting safety guards.  Aline Trading P/L also offer a selection of plastic bucket guards (sold separately) to further shield the drive line.

If you are  unsure of the necessary safety requirements for your machine please seek further advice form a qualified mechanical design engineer or OH&S approved authority before proceeding with construction or use of the machine.